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This is the longest I have ever felt so... Well, not much of anything. Hollow doesn't even come close to describing this.

My favorite Bowie song: 
I am going to miss the journeys each of his new releases brought me on.
This fading hairline
and wrinkled forehead.
Bagged eyes that rest
and stare like the dead.
Two marks under an eye
that won't go away.
Now a red band
across the nose...
bridged pain.
Lips that are always peeling
dead and bleeding,
that can twist into the shape
of a heart,
with sharp teeth revealing.

Thick neck and broad shoulders
only upon a such a stout body.
Diminutive chest
leading to
equally as small arms.
Nothing grows.
A stomach that's stiff
but never shows it.
Can't reduce
only grow it.

Hips angled wide
with a tailbone mutated
too high.
Waistband that doesn't
match my legs.
Thighs that have been so thick
to sit is to hope and pray.
Knees mashed and mooshed,
or calves that cramp often,
and feet arched with toes
that are so close together,
they'd never stray.

Oh but this is me,
in the mirror that I see.
Your words can't not change
what my eyes say.
No matter how much weight
or steps that I take,
it is small and deformed that I stay.

Please reflection,
go away.
My Body
Views that I've had for awhile now, and don't really know a better way to say. Even with my exercise, these thoughts don't go away.
"Terrible things
happen to
good people
every day.

I am not
one of the
good people.

I am one of the
terrible things."
-Marianna Paige

This is something I read recently and wanted to share.
I also wanted to share this, Playlist for November

I haven't felt this blank in awhile. Roads could continue on like the depths of the mind, and there is no home. Once you are on this path, things erode behind you. Sucked dried as you move along. Absorbed but not digested; just weighted. The beautiful things that I come upon act as light posts on this highway. The path giving definition amongst the dark. "Light is easy to love. Show me your Darkness" - Red Queen... I am but a peculiar moth, who has begun to love the cold while being in the presence of the warm light.

Something else I wanted to share, a short story by Neil Gaiman story here


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My dear, it isn't just your body, even so elegantly wrapped up, that I want... But your mind as well. Once I break those down, I set that fiery soul free. Let us burn.


Hands pulling at the sheets...
Chest is turning red...

Moaning for more,
with her eyes rolled
back in her head


Fall to the bed
She moves on top.
Hands upon me
Lips that don't stop.
All her ways,
they make me groan.
Royal ecstasy
She claims her throne.


There's beauty in the agony.
The mind not sure where it's at.
Mouth twisted in pain.
Gratification in the eyes.
-Our Pleasure Cries-


The way her skin twists and pulls
Stretches yet stays taut and holds
How smooth turns to used and red
How when I leave my marks
They last even when I'm out of your bed.


Hand upon her chin
Eyes locked with mine
Rope bound around her skin
Her lips whisper,
so fine


Hands around the wrists.
Mouth around the neck.
The contour of her thighs,
Lead to where they wander next.


Plunge your nails in
Run through my veins
Taste my skin while you bite me
Mark me and claim


Spread apart and pushed in
Sense completely overloaded with sin.
She lets up, for a moment, to ask a question.
Then smothers down.
She knows I breathe the answer.


Clinging to my shoulders
Her feet don't touch
The floor
She's barely able to breathe
She screams for More

Words in Submission
A collection of erotic writings from this past year. Written in a restrictive character limit. Everything has boundaries....


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