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They found each other, two whispers in the dark.
Out of surprise, she plunged her dagger into his heart.
He grabbed her by the wrist, and looked her in the eye.
Dug his nails past the skin, made her twist the knife.

The blade danced as their feet went in sync.
Neither losing grip, in fear of release.
Eyes in line going straight to their souls.
Where it ends, the blood only knows.
Bare (Knife 2)
Run through my veins
Burn in my mind
Tear my heart
"Take what is mine"
She sharpens her knife,
And sticks it in.
Writes her name,
On the heart within.

She thinks it kills me,
But it only pumps stronger.

If only, it could last a little longer.
Knife 1
The first blade. More to follow.

for no more

hide away and hold

just gone again.

Cause you can be crusty,
You can be gooey.
Completely meaty, or a veggie.
And sometimes chewy.
Tossed up high and spun around.
Rolled out. Kneaded.
With sauce to drown.
Drizzled on cheese, and then more and more.
Can either pick up,
Or delivered to the door.

Order one, Two, THREE?
First then seconds, cold morning treat.
Better eat the ends, don't be weak.

Oh golden pie of the grease!
Sliced for eight, but just for me.
Pizza pizza, how is it that I always know,
You'll make things better,
Even more than cookie dough.
Ode to Pizza
The champion of food.
You give me salamanders
The crawly-wally kind,
moving around on my insides.
Their different colors, with licky tongues,
sticky toes, and twirly tails.

You give me salamanders,
Where others get butterflies with pretty fragile wings,
I get one of the slimest, creepy crawl things.
My favorite.

You give me salamanders...
But I want to give you some too.
That feeling when you have them,
like the whole world is new.


shawn sieben
United States
Current Residence: Minnesota

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