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My Body
This fading hairline
and wrinkled forehead.
Bagged eyes that rest
and stare like the dead.
Two marks under an eye
that won't go away.
Now a red band
across the nose...
bridged pain.
Lips that are always peeling
dead and bleeding,
that can twist into the shape
of a heart,
with sharp teeth revealing.
Thick neck and broad shoulders
only upon a such a stout body.
Diminutive chest
leading to
equally as small arms.
Nothing grows.
A stomach that's stiff
but never shows it.
Can't reduce
only grow it.
Hips angled wide
with a tailbone mutated
too high.
Waistband that doesn't
match my legs.
Thighs that have been so thick
to sit is to hope and pray.
Knees mashed and mooshed,
or calves that cramp often,
and feet arched with toes
that are so close together,
they'd never stray.
Oh but this is me,
in the mirror that I see.
Your words can't not change
what my eyes say.
No matter how much weight
or steps that I take,
it is small and deformed that I stay.
Please reflection,
go away.
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Mature content
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Let me pull you down to zero for a moment
Where every drug they prescribe doesn't do a damn thing
Except make you feel hallow and your dick don't work.
As if an unsolved Rubik's cube lays in the mind
Beneath a blanket of allm other things you have to do with your time
And the lights are out, as you try to solve it.
Each twist and turn is as if your whole head moves to trying to guess which side is red or blue and wondering why no matter what you do keeps getting you to similar place where you started...
And the beat of your heart comes on to remind you that your time is limited. That every pump of your precious life is not to be wasted. You drop the cube and look around as your body scrambles on the floor. Reaching, grabbing, trying find a stable thing to latch onto just to elevate yourself to something more.
And sometimes it is a person or an idea or place you'd rather be... But just like your heart reminds you, not everything last forever every and these things fade and leave. Some t
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Red Curtain
I pull the curtain back
In hopes to find myself
The one I see outlined
The one that seems like me more
But it brings me to another room
With no occupant insight
No one in that room
But my wishes that hold me tight.
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Unstable, in every sense of the word.
Not only do I shift inside
but send the tremors sailing outward.
Some waves lift others up
and others, bring'em down.
Some fall, swallowed whole
by the new gap'in abyss
in the ground.
Taking steps to make an earthquake
can send shock waves through
the mind.
Hold your soul
or watch it go.
I'm movin' all the time.
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Smooth Fall
I already sold my dinged up halo
Used my wings to fuel a fire
Gave my good graces to a poor man
and told him to keep'em for awhile
I sinned up a storm
to rain down into the holy water
Started a fire in the hearts of those
Who needed something to light their way
I blew the embers as they screamed
Much to my delight
Say a prayer now, if you will,
as the Devil comes home tonight.
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The time has come
I'm finally reaching that moment
that I should have known from the start.
Love is a force that overcomes,
and sometimes consumes.
I can't stop the dreams,
or the thoughts
the memories
the correlations
or agony of not knowing
or being with
or breathing you in.
"There are no coincidences in life",
is what I always hear.
Now the time for me to go forth.
Face a little fear.
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Do you trust me?
"Do you trust me", I said,
With a needle and a thread.
She nodded, "I trust you",
And tilted back her head.
I pushed the needle in,
Through her heart
Out the back
And one more time, in her head.
She took the needle, and said,
"My turn. Do you trust me?"
With her devlish grin.
I smiled back, nodded yes,
Told her to begin.
Through her skill of craft,
With graceful movement of her hands,
She wove the needle through me
So swiftly with command.
Then she handed it back to me,
"Let's do this again."
We sat and stood,
At times we kneeled on the floor.
Look upon each other in adoration
As we wove, more and more.
Not just through the our bodies,
But hopes and dreams,
Things we've known before.
For not a distance would it faulter,
Or time and event could it change.
Those lines connecting us would remind us
We'll never be the same.
It only tugs at us further,
Make us want to weave
More and more.
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Periscopes and Pinter Moments
As I peer through the looking glass,
Which I incessantly do,
Lands away and memories too.
Pictures all around that I stare at
As they do the same,
But to see that smile form in person...
It what's always in my brain.
The songs that come to mind,
and goofy faces too,
Hiding deep conversations
That always have me entertained.
A smirk and look that could set fire in torrential rain.
Many say that I look too often,
And to think of what I dream.
But I dream of her, feel called to her.
Each and every day.
I hope she knows it to, all the things I want to say.
The feelings haunting now,
And my body aches for her venom in my veins.
The kind that always turned this world magnificently insane!
How can I keep this silence, when she conjours a surge of energy to flip everything upside down?!
To caress the skin,
Scream her name
And grow daisies in potted skulls!
I breathe her in, as deep as I can
And hope her the best of days.
Still... I can't help but yearn
Of knowing her every way.
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Knife 3
She was made to break and bend...
Already experienced by the fantasy in her head.
Thoughts of luring in,
to be treated like a whore.
What she doesn't know, is how it will escalate to more.
Coming from behind, I can smell her there.
Reaching back. Grabbing by the hair.
Twist and turn, and hear her moan.
Come about face, to see I am alone.
Then she hits me
A surge through the veins.
Rushing, as she gushes, straight into my brain.
The chills multiple as they come up from below.
I feel her on me... And I'm deeper than before.
I start to peel at my skin, as I mimic her hands.
Ravaging and desperately trying to get within.
The skins starts to the tear, as the blood begins to flow.
Her form slowly revealing, painted by the carnage below.
As I stare down upon her curves and contours, where the blood pools and runs over
Us intertwined with life and death itself...
I know this isn't over.
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Bare (Knife 2)
They found each other, two whispers in the dark.
Out of surprise, she plunged her dagger into his heart.
He grabbed her by the wrist, and looked her in the eye.
Dug his nails past the skin, made her twist the knife.
The blade danced as their feet went in sync.
Neither losing grip, in fear of release.
Eyes in line going straight to their souls.
Where it ends, the blood only knows.
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Knife 1
She sharpens her knife,
And sticks it in.
Writes her name,
On the heart within.
She thinks it kills me,
But it only pumps stronger.
If only, it could last a little longer.
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for no more
hide away and hold
just gone again.
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Ode to Pizza
Cause you can be crusty,
You can be gooey.
Completely meaty, or a veggie.
And sometimes chewy.
Tossed up high and spun around.
Rolled out. Kneaded.
With sauce to drown.
Drizzled on cheese, and then more and more.
Can either pick up,
Or delivered to the door.
Order one, Two, THREE?
First then seconds, cold morning treat.
Better eat the ends, don't be weak.
Oh golden pie of the grease!
Sliced for eight, but just for me.
Pizza pizza, how is it that I always know,
You'll make things better,
Even more than cookie dough.
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You give me salamanders
The crawly-wally kind,
moving around on my insides.
Their different colors, with licky tongues,
sticky toes, and twirly tails.
You give me salamanders,
Where others get butterflies with pretty fragile wings,
I get one of the slimest, creepy crawl things.
My favorite.
You give me salamanders...
But I want to give you some too.
That feeling when you have them,
like the whole world is new.
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I'll Wait
So close, yet so far away.
The pain inside seems here to stay.
In you, I do not expect a cure.
But with you, there is no fear.
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